The origin of this Company started with Pierro Engineering Ventures with about two (2) Technician Engineers and a Director on 3rd January, 2006.The operations of Pierro Engineering Ventures was centered at AMS yard at Bankyim.After a period of time Pierro Engineering Ventures metamorphosed to Pierro Engineerig and Mining Services Company Limited which acquired and took over as a going concern the... Read More


PEMS is aiming to become a leading provider for the Hiring of Heavy Duty and Light Vehicles to the Mining and Construction Industries.To provide efficient and effective maintenance service that will satisfy the demand needs of Our clients at all times. Since we are into maintenance of Caterpillar machines, renting a machine from us will be an added advantage to the Hirer in view of the efficient and effective service that will be derived from the machine. Also our maintenance crew will respond positively to fix any breakdown on a faulty machine. In other words we offer you service solution when and where needed Our Goal is to offer our clients the best service that will surpass that of our competitors.


PIERRO Engineering & Mining Services Company Limited is a Limited Liability Company Engaged in the maintenance and repairs of Heavy Duty Equipment in the Mining and Construction Industries.


Pierro Engineering & Mining Services Company Limited (PEMS) is a young Company and has four (4) main objectives. The first objective is to put the structures needed in place for the efficient and effective management of the Company as well as to provide good quality service to our customers. The second objective is the acquisition of Caterpillar earth moving machines for hiring to the mining and construction industries. The third objective is to engage in the importation and exportation of general goods Lastly, to engage in consultancy services in engineering both in Ghana and other sister African Countries, especially to countries surrounding us.


Pierro Engineering and Mining Services Company Limited offer the following Services:

  • Maintenance, diagnosis and repair of all kinds of Heavy Duty machines.
  • Machine assembling, Component change outs, repairs of all types of mining equipment.
  • The Company undertakes major machine rebuild.
  • Hiring of Mining and Construction Equipment, as well as Light Duty Vehicles.
  • Import and export of general goods.
  • Consultancy services in Engineering to Companies in Ghana and other West African States. The targeted areas are the Mining and Construction Industries.

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It is the Policy of PEMS and the client to organize Site Induction for new employees to;

  • Introduce them to standard Safety practices.
  • Broaden their knowledge in Safety practices.
  • And prepare their minds to be conscious of Safety Requirements at all times.

Also periodic courses are organized for old employees to update their knowledge in maintenance management and operating skills on selected machines.

It is the Policy of Management to introduce employees to safety practices at all times and in this regard employees are introduced to some of the under mentioned safety practices;

  • Causes of accident.
  • Accident and Incident Reporting.
  • Accident and Incident Prevention.
  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Safe disposal of any residual waste and residues.
  • Safe working practices within work area.

On employment all employees are supplied with Safety equipment to protect them against any health hazard that may occur in the course of their work. The safety equipment is promptly replaced as soon as it is damaged.PEMS maintenance crews are always conscious of Safety Requirements on site and are prepared to abide by Safety Rules and Regulations put in place by our clients.


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Pierro Engineering and Mining Services Company Limited
P. O. Box 697, Tarkwa
Western Region

(+233) 0244645042 / 0276772882 / 0268668080